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You have more ways to save money

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Maximize your tax credits: It is time to find whether you qualify for frequently overlooked tax breaks. These include childcare credit, American Opportunity credit for college education, and the retirement saver’s credit. If you were laid off from your previous employment and you have expenses related to searching for a new employment, add up those expenses before tax time. If you have moved due to new employment, make sure to get credit for moving expenses. If you have missed any of these credits previously, you can file an amended return for last three years to get the deduction or credit.

Review your insurance policies: Life insurance policy premiums are going down for quite some time. If you haven’t look into policy premiums, it may be time to shop around and lower your monthly premium. Also, if you get a lower rate than your current premium, try and lock in for 10 or 20 years. Also, any life changing events such as marriage or relocation should trigger review of your policy.

Time to cut your interest rate: Mortgage rates are at historic lows. Look into refinancing your current mortgage to lower your interest rate. Also, it is time to pay-off or transfer your high interest credit card balances. Watch out for balance transfer fees.