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Is Public Opinion Polling Still Relevant?

June 12, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

Public opinion polls or surveys have been a source of fascination for many individuals and companies in the Internet age. It can be intriguing to compare and contrast your own views with that of the larger public. Appealing to confirmation bias, genuine curiosity, or a consumer-driven need to stay up-to-date, many websites post public opinion surveys as a form of entertainment.

However, public opinion polling is not just for satisfying people’s curiosity. If you ask the right questions and follow the right procedures for selecting survey samples, public opinion surveys can also be a valuable source of information in political and business contexts. When formulating a party platform for an election, political candidates may benefit from polling their target voter audience on specific issues. By knowing what people across the political spectrum believe, people seeking political office can change their messaging and tailor it to potential voters.

In the same vein, companies can change their PR and product production processes after learning how potential customers feel about certain products, services, and societal trends. For example, John Zogby Strategies recently published a public opinion survey on the subject of microchip implants in the human brain. A majority of respondents reacted to this new technology with suspicion, while a small minority wished to explore the technology further.

If you’d like to know where your potential voters or customers stand on an issue, be sure to find an experienced public opinion polling company or opinion survey service to design survey questions and collect data. The team at John Zogby Strategies are veterans at public polling and can answer any questions you may have. Contact them today to get started.