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Celebrities Who Suffer with Depression and Anxiety

December 13, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

Some of our favorite actors and singers have divulged facts about their struggle with mental and emotional disorders. Despite fame and fortune, they have inner self doubts. They struggle with fears and uncertainty, some even with crippling depression. These include:

Johnny Depp

Emma Stone

Singer, Adele

Winona Ryder

English actor, John Cleese

Kate Moss

Many others

In many cases, they work despite their struggles and some even find solace in their work as actors and singers. A large majority reveal that they deal with their anxiety disorders by meditating. In the book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, the author also reveals that she believes in meditation and is helping others learn the value of this practice.

Meditation has been practiced for centuries and it began in ancient China. Monks in China first began to meditate to get in touch with their higher power and make a stronger connection with their own psyche.

When meditating, it’s important to find a quiet place. You may want to put on some soft relaxing music. You can also burn incense or light candles. Dress comfortably—no tight clothing or shoes. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Clear your mind. Focus on nothing. Let the world around you fade away and try to contact your inner person.

Zhang Xinyue has this to say in her book, Create Abundance:

“I used to think the reason why we are taught to be tender-hearted is to be bullied. So, I was afraid to be such a tender-hearted person. Have you felt the same way? Now I have come to see that God helps only those who are tender-hearted. Really, all good things fall upon the tender-hearted.”


Subconscious Mindsets that Can Prevent Us from Becoming Wealthy

August 6, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

We can all imagine winning the lottery and becoming wealthy with all the trimmings of success. The Global Spiritualist Association has done some research into this topic. You could buy a new house, a new car, do some travelling, and never have to worry about your bank balance. You could move into a wealthier neighborhood. Suddenly, your close friends might not be as close anymore. Long lost family members could suddenly pop up. Needy friends might come knocking on your door.

Often, your spouse will have different views about what should be done with all the money and this can cause a rift in your relationship.

These are just a few of the subconscious mindsets that can prevent us from achieving our dreams. Some refer this to this as the ‘Fear of Success.’ Becoming wealthy can complicate your life. You have several new and important things to worry about. If done right and with the right motives, wealth can enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Many people also believe that wealthy people are ignorant, selfish, and greedy, but this isn’t true at all. Money only magnifies the person you were to begin with. Poor people can be just as greedy as the wealthy. Work on the type of person you are. Become the best version of yourself and you’re already a winner.

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