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Commercial Business Insurance and Other Types of Insurance

May 12, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Commercial business insurance is much needed if you have a place of business. This will help you rest assured that if something happens to your business, it will be protected. There are some things that are not covered under a business insurance policy such as flood damage. If your business is in an area that sees a lot of flood damage, it may be wise to purchase separate flood insurance.

A property insurance quote will help protect your property against things such as certain weather damage, fire as well as theft. There are two various methods to the way that property insurance policies work. One is open perils and one is named perils. Open perils covers any loss that is not specified in the original policy. This includes damages from floods, terrorism and earthquakes. Named perils require the actual loss to be listed in the policy. This includes things such as explosions, lightning and fire.

A homeowner insurance quote will offer you a quote for your home. Homeowners insurance normally covers losses to your home as well as the interior contents. A homeowner’s insurance policy is rather long and includes what will and what won’t be paid in certain cases. For the most part, the homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover losses due to floods or nuclear explosions. If your home is likely to be damaged or completely destroyed, you will more than likely pay a higher premium each month. For instance, if your home has fire alarms and/or fire sprinklers, you will most likely pay a lower rate.

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