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Break the credit card habit

Article Written by : Financial Resources 101 If you have even a single credit card, you know how you are addicted to use it, get into debt and stay indebted to credit card companies. This is why Americans owe more than $850 billion to credit card companies. Let’s face it. Credit cards can be a useful lifeline. If you can pay off the balance every month, you are using your credit facility wisely.... [Read more]

Statute of limitations for most consumer debt in the United States

Article Written by : Total Merchants Time limits to pay back most debt in the United States are governed by the law including the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Length of time for negative debt information to remain on your credit report is one major area that the law applies. As a rule of thumb, most negative debt records can stay on your credit report for seven years according to statute of limitations... [Read more]

Law to make checks and other deposits work to your advantage

Written by: Financial Haze Not many of us are going to the bank to deposit a check these days. Banking practices and technology make it easier for us to deposit checks from home or on mobile devices on the go. However, one aspect of deposits remains constant. It could take few hours to few days to have funds available for withdrawal. This is due the law passed in 1987 and recently amended in 2010.... [Read more]

Understanding what a collection is

Collection often results from a debt you have not paid on time. Usually, when you get behind on your payments, the agency issued you a line of credit decides that you stop making payments on your debt obligation and they take certain action to cut their losses. They not only write down the amount you owe to them and lump similar delinquent debt obligations into a package and sell it to a debt collection... [Read more]

Saving for your retirement

Saving for retirement should start as early as possible in your career. It’s January and it is the start of the year and a good time to think and start planning for your retirement. There are many vehicles that you can take advantage of saving for your retirement. Many think that you just can’t solely rely on Social security to provide all the money you need in retirement. Even with a pension... [Read more]

Secured and unsecured debt, which one to pay off first?

Article Written by : Business and Finance Net We carry all kinds of debt including credit card debt, mortgage debt, car loans, student loan debt, store card debt and many more. Some of this debt such as car loan and mortgage is secured debt while others such as credit card debt are unsecured debt. We all want to get out of debt as quickly as possible but due to other limitations such limited income... [Read more]

Before you retire

Article Written by : Be Better at Business Financial advisors recommend that we pay off our mortgage, credit card debt and other large debt before retirement. Many gets less monthly income during retirement and 40 percent of your budget is for housing and therefore, this advice make sense. Here are few things you can do to get ready for debt-free retirement. Make an educated guess of your retirement... [Read more]

Cut your monthly expenses to get out of credit card debt

Have you noticed that when your unpaid credit card balance goes higher, the credit card company wants you to pay more each month? If you have a higher balance on your credit card, let’s say around $20,000, there comes a day that paying your monthly minimum due becomes a burden on other expenses. Climbing out of credit card debt is no easy task. Carefully review your family expenses. Find ways... [Read more]

What will happen to your student loan debt if you die?

Student loan debt is making headlines lately. Not only the total debt exceeds trillions but also many students are finding it difficult to pay their student loan debt. Student loan debt cannot be wiped out in a bankruptcy. Have you ever thought of what will happen to the unpaid balance of the student loan debt if the borrower dies? Most students carry Federal student loans and if the borrower dies... [Read more]

Why you need to avoid payday loans

Any type of debt could complicate your financial health and bring more stress into your life. Avoiding debt is best if possible. There are certain types of debt that everyone should avoid at all times. The issue with payday loans is its interest rate. When annualized interest rates go into stratosphere and sometimes exceed 500 percent. Add insult to the injury, many payday loans carry additional... [Read more]

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