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Len Blavatnik’s investment successes

Len Blavatnik ranked 74th on the Forbes list of billionaires in the world in 2010 with a fortune estimated over 7.5 billion dollars. However, this 52-year-old businessman was not always wealthy. Like many self-taught billionaires, Blavatnik invested in a good education and worked hard to achieve his philanthropic legacy. Leonard Blavatnik was born in 1957 in the Soviet Union. At age 21 and penniless,... [Read more]

Investment in financial technology was a hot topic at Global Conference

By Phineas Upham The world of finance is changing, or rather it has to, if the middle class has any chance of survival in the long term. That’s the message that Phin Upham and other leading economists are trying to get across. People within the higher income brackets manage finances in a very different way than those in the lower classes, and banks aren’t able to offer those customers what they... [Read more]

Start saving for retirement early

Article Written by : Global Investing 411 Saving early as possible for retirement is one key to a financial success during retirement. But many wonder how much to save each month. Generally many Americans are not prepared for retirement and do not have enough savings to handle their financial needs when they retire. During retirement unexpected events such as hospitalization could happen that may... [Read more]

History’s First Mention of Money Lending

By Phin Upham Westerners tend to defer their views of money lending to one of two sources. Aristotle, who said that money lending was unnatural and non-productive, and The Bible. The Bible does not explicitly call money lending a sin, but there are several references where Jesus makes clear that the practice is vile and not in accordance with a just and moral society. Yet these references, which so... [Read more]

The Complexities of Calling Philanthropy a Moral Act

By Samuel Phineas Upham If you watch a lot of nature documentaries, you will inevitably come across scenes of something dying alone in the wilderness or getting caught by a predator. The camera crew merely captures this moment while a detached voice narrates the romanticized version of that struggle. The death is simply part of nature, but some of have begun questioning the morality of these camera... [Read more]

Everyone Is Worthy of Receiving Abundance

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi. It’s common to encounter blocks when we are traveling the life path prescribed by the Law of Attraction. In many cases, these blocks are temporary — you may have problems finding a quiet place to work on your positive thoughts, for example. But some of these blocks can be especially limiting and — over time — might make you feel like the whole concept... [Read more]

How to Save for a Home Purchase

A home purchase can seem so far away if you don’t have the money on your right now. When faced with ambiguous goals, it’s easy to say that it’s just not for you and move on to something else. But home ownership is within your grasp! You need a savings plan, that’s true, but there has never been a better time to start the journey of buying a home. Rates are low, and you stand to gain over your... [Read more]

The History of Caesars Palace

This article was written by Phineas Upham That’s not bad grammar, Caesars Palace really is spelled without an apostrophe. Jay Sarno, the creator of the casino/hotel, said that he wanted all of his guests to feel like royalty. He began construction on his hotel in 1962. Sarno relied on many contracting companies to help him craft the exact aesthetic he was looking for from the casino. He wanted fountains,... [Read more]

The Story of WordPress

Written by Phineas Upham Would it surprise you to learn that there is a blogging platform on the Web that accounts for millions of websites and businesses around the Net? That platform is called WordPress, and anyone with a serious interest in eCommerce has most likely encountered it at some point. It is a simple blogging platform with many options for customization. It is also known for its large... [Read more]

The Creative Revolution of the 1960s

Written by Phin Upham Long Before Matthew Weiner ever conceived of the idea of Mad Men, there was a cultural revolution taking place in the offices of Madison Avenue. This stretch of New York City is known for the plethora of top advertising agencies concentrated there. It began at the close of the 1950s, when advertising began to veer away from facts and figures toward crafting narratives. The firm... [Read more]

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