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Everyone Is Worthy of Receiving Abundance

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Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

It’s common to encounter blocks when we are traveling the life path prescribed by the Law of Attraction. In many cases, these blocks are temporary — you may have problems finding a quiet place to work on your positive thoughts, for example. But some of these blocks can be especially limiting and — over time — might make you feel like the whole concept is invalid.

Why is it that some people hit stumbling blocks on their road to manifesting that can seem almost insurmountable? A likely answer is that the person has a deeper issue negatively impacting their vibrations beyond and specific thoughts that they are creating. In many cases, this deeper issue is that a person doesn’t feel like they are “worthy” enough to deserve to have good things happen in their life.

A feeling of unworthiness can come from many different places. In some instances it’s a product of guilt over past mistakes and a need to feel you are receiving penance for your misdeeds. In other cases, it’s because a person doesn’t feel like they have “done enough” with their lives in order to expect something back from the Universe in return.

These feelings overlook a major reality about the Universe — there is no such thing as being “worthy.” After all, like isn’t a game and there is no scoring system to prove that we are ahead or behind. Every person’s worth is the same as everyone else’s. Things that you’ve done in the past or that you feel like you aren’t doing now don’t mean that you don’t have the right to ask for — and receive — abundance in your life moving forward.

There is an inherent value not just to the things that you do but to the fact that you exist. The fact that you were created and are a part of the Universe is all the proof you need that you deserve to exist. And since you are worthy enough to be alive, why wouldn’t you be worthy enough to be a full part of the Universe and receive the bounty of wealth that it makes available?

So don’t spend your time worrying about your “worthiness” to receive abundance in your life. These worries only lead to negative vibrations that impede your ability to manifest. Instead, be comfortable in the knowledge that your worthiness has already been proven and that you are the only person who needs to accept this fact.


Dr. Eric Amidi is a leading scientist who was part of the team that uncovered proof of the Top Quark — the heaviest elementary particle. Eric Amidi is also an author and expert in the Law of Attraction.



Secured and unsecured debt, which one to pay off first?

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Article Written by : Business and Finance Net

We carry all kinds of debt including credit card debt, mortgage debt, car loans, student loan debt, store card debt and many more. Some of this debt such as car loan and mortgage is secured debt while others such as credit card debt are unsecured debt. We all want to get out of debt as quickly as possible but due to other limitations such limited income it takes time. With more and more open credit lines, it is hard for many to see which debt to pay first.

Unsecured loans come with higher interest rates because of default risk that the lender has to take. Secured loans on the other hand come with lower interest rate, but if you default on the loan your asset that is collateralized for the loan is at risk of losing. So, when planning to reduce debt, unsecured debt that comes with a higher interest rate should be targeted to pay first. Of course, you should also pay the monthly minimum payment on secured debt. When targeting which debt to pay off first, the loan with the highest interest rate should be paid off first. Prioritizing and staying with the game plan are important to become debt free sooner.